Institute Profile

As an independent institute approved by the Ministry of Education, Chengdu Institute Sichuan International Studies University (CISISU) is a regular institution of higher education in line with the new mechanism and mode. Honoring the glorious tradition and embracing the profound culture of Sichuan International Studies University (SISU), CISISU adheres to “distinctive development” and “coordinated development”, unswervingly follows the developing path of focusing on foreign languages and integrating related disciplines, and pushes forwards a developing and innovating mode with “Foreign Language +” as its core. The institute is rooted in Sichuan and serves the southwest of China. It is gaining greater influence across the country and striving to go global. The institute aims at developing into a first-class application-oriented university with distinctive international features in foreign languages and related disciplines.

Abiding by the educational policies formulated by our party and our country, the institute perseveres in socialist school-running, guided by the philosophy of fostering virtue through education. The institute shoulders the mission to serve the people and the country by enhancing its ability to train the application-oriented talents and devoting itself to promoting Chinese and foreign cultural exchanges.

The institute has 15 foreign language programs including English, Japanese, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Korean, Russian, Vietnamese, Thai, Italian, Arabic, Polish, Czech, and Hungarian. In addition, it offers other four- or three-year programs related to foreign languages including Translation, Business English, Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Language, Journalism, International Economics and Trade, International Business, Exhibition Economy and Management, Chinese Language and Literature, Preschool Education, E-Commerce, Sports Operation and Management, Golf and Management, Hotel Management, etc. The institute enrolls students from 27 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across the country, and currently has more than 16,300 full-time students.

CISISU has research institutions for education and teaching including The Training Base for Teachers of Vocational Colleges in Sichuan, The Research Center for Foreign Languages Education and Teaching, The Research Center for Languages and Cultures of the Countries along the Belt and Road Initiative, etc. It has four of the first batch of application-oriented undergraduate majors in Sichuan universities, namely English, French, Business English and Japanese, and 4 key majors of private universities in Sichuan Province: Russian, translation, French and Korean. The Innovative Team Project of Sichuan Provincial Department of Education "Study on the Sustainable Development of Private Higher Education in Sichuan Province”, which was initiated by CISISU and collaborated on by 12 other private universities in the province, systematically summarizes the phased achievements of private education in Sichuan Province. Two monographs by the institute, The Construction and Practice of the Independent College's Practical Education System and The Independent College in Quality-Oriented and Potential-Driven Development which have been officially published, showcase the history and practical exploration of the institute's establishment with the aim to serve the people and the country. The institute has also edited and published the paper collection Foreign Language Education and Application with totally 7 volumes, which is focusing on school-based research.

Focusing on education and teaching, the institute has built a faculty of full-time teachers who have high morality and great talents with abundant teaching experience. Besides, the institute has employed many a foreign teacher for 15 foreign language majors. The institute has full-featured modern and professional teaching facilities with multimedia covering all classrooms. It is also equipped with laboratories of multilingual simultaneous interpreting, comprehensive language practice, French for engineering technologies, advanced Russian translation, international business English, Golf virtual simulation, and news recording.

CISISU has been enhancing the breadth and depth of international cooperation and exchanges. It provides students majoring in varied languages with opportunities to pursue further study by developing international exchanges and cooperation with nearly 80 universities in 23 countries and launching nearly one hundred programs at different levels: international class, bachelor-master promotion, dual degree, dual diploma, exchange students, junior college-bachelor promotion, junior college-master promotion, etc. The school has also enrolled international students from such countries as Russia, The Republic of Korea, Italy, Kazakhstan, Nepal, France, Singapore, Japan, Mexico, Germany, etc.

Since the establishment of the institute, it has achieved great success and received increasing recognition for its fruitful talent cultivation. According to the "Ai Ruishen Research Institute's Report on Chinese University", the institute has been listed as "China's first-class independent college", ranking first in the national language independent college for years. In Wu Shulian's "China Independent College Rankings", the institute ranks first among independent colleges specializing in literature, the employment quality of undergraduates ranks second nationwide, and the rate of undergraduates' pursuing further study ranks second in the country. "Top 100 National Independent Colleges Whose Undergraduates Pursue Further Study" issued by Shanghai Ranking reveals that the institute ranks second. The institute ranks third among general colleges in Sichuan Province in the list of University Employability released by Mycos, a third-party international survey company.

CISISU serves as the executive director and vice-chairman unit of the Cooperative Association of Independent Colleges of China, the chairman unit of the Cooperative Association of Independent Colleges of Sichuan, the vice-chairman unit of Sichuan Higher Education Association, the vice-chairman unit of Sichuan Private Education Association, the director unit of UMOOCs, the vice-chairman unit of College English Teaching and Research Association of Chinese Independent Colleges and Transferred Colleges, the vice-chairman unit of Applied Foreign Languages Association of Sichuan Province, and the vice-chairman unit of College Foreign Languages Teaching & Research Association of Sichuan Province. It has been appraised as a National Outstanding Independent College, Excellent Unit for College Graduates Employment, Provincial Training Base for Qualification Training for Professional Teachers, "International Education Exchange Base" of the Asian Education Forum, Excellent Unit for Health and Vitality Education of Sichuan Province, Advanced Unit for Foreign-Related Management of Chengdu, one of the "Top Ten College Brands in Western China" among  Sichuan education brands, and the Best Strategic Support Unit for Chengdu Translation Association, etc.

In the new era, CISISU has actively seized the great opportunities for the development of foreign language disciplines brought by the Belt and Road Initiative. It has grasped the opportunity of transforming and constructing modern application-oriented universities to continuously deepen supply-side structural reform in nurturing application-oriented, comprehensive and innovative foreign language talents. Focusing on cultivating and developing the core competitiveness of the institute's language majors, the institute strives to cultivate the high-quality application-oriented foreign language talents who have great patriotism as well as global vision, observe national, regional and international rules, and master proficient inter-lingual and intercultural communicative ability. The institute commits itself to training the great talents to support the country's opening-up strategy and provide intellectual support for the local economic construction. CISISU is striving to start a new chapter of its development in a new era.

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